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10X Marketing Formula Book Launch - #OverheardAtCoSchedule

10X Marketing Formula Book Launch The 10X Marketing Formula  is finally here! If you’ve been following for the past few months, you might know it’s our CEO and co-founder Garrett Moon’s new book. It explains how grew from zero to over 8,000 customers in less than four years by pushing back on conventional marketing wisdom. Best of all, it shows how you can do the same. This isn’t just another marketing book, though. It’s packed with actionable advice that actually works, sharing the same strategies we implement every day at . You’ll learn all about: What should marketers do when content marketing doesn’t work? What is competition-free content, and how can a blue ocean strategy drive results? And above all, how can marketers push past work that drives 10% improvements, and focus on projects that drive 10X results? On this episode of Overheard At , we’re getting Garrett’s insights into what The 10X Marketing Formula  is all about. This marks a major milestone for all of us here, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the book.

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Stateless Nation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Stateless Nation - Essay Example this research will be, â€Å"The past, present, and future prospects of the Kurds and Kurdistan.† The Kurds have lived in the hilly regions of Turkey and Iran for more than two thousand years. However, this typical group of people with an Indo-European background has never secured a home or national status (West 1). The Kurds, in the 1990s, the Turkish state evicted the Kurds. This stood as a resettlement rather than just an eviction, and the Kurds had to move out of their urban and rural entities that they initially had (Jongerden 4). The following disciplines will assist in researching about the Kurds on this topic: politics, historical, and behavioral. The Kurds have a rich history and this study will highlight their past struggles and illuminate reasons behind their statelessness. Many nations are also involved in the statelessness of Kurdistan. Researching on this aspect will elucidate the political factors intertwined with the Kurdistan (West). Finally, looking into the behavioral aspects of the Kurdistan will present the life these peoples life and impact of their statelessness on their information seeking behavior (Meho and Haas). Meho, Lokman I., and Stephanie W. Haas. â€Å"Information-Seeking Behavior and Use of Social Science Faculty Studying Stateless Nations: A Case Study.† Library & Information Science Research 23.1 (2001):

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Topic and instruction , see below my instruction file Research Paper

Topic and instruction , see below my instruction file - Research Paper Example Although the previous cards were still considered as credit cards, the first true credit cards were developed after Second World War (Arnold 1-5; Mudd 48-50). John Biggins developed the first bank credit card in 1946 while he was working at Flatbush National Bank of Brooklyn. Different organizations contributed in developing the various aspects of the credit card. However, credit card became popular in the 1950s when companies such as American Express and Bank of America developed their credit cards. The credit card was used to enable customers purchase goods and services and pay for them in regular intervals. Moreover, the card enabled banks to offer short-term credit. Additionally the card could allow user to make non-cash purchases while in different locations. Initially, travelers mainly used the credit cards (Arnold 3-5). For credit cards to be successful, a regulatory environment was necessary. Such regulations included the regular validation of the credit card by the vendor. Moreover, the terms of payment had to be clearly stated. The customers had to provide their contact information and billing address (Arnold 2-7). Although credit card companies earn quite a large sum of money from interests, they still adopt dubious tactics to increase their profits at the expense of customers. One such trick is encouraging their customers not to pay their interest in time and use more credit so that they can penalize them. This enables them to increase their late and over the limit fees. The late and over the limit fees have thus grown rapidly. Additionally, some credit card companies provide insurance programs, dishonest marketing promotions, and other universal default policies to solicit money from their customers. Such malpractices include unfair billing and use of blatantly tactics (Whitney 48) There are some credit card abuses, which can be found in learning institutions such as colleges and campuses. Although the laws in

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Importance to the performance of the business Essay Example for Free

Importance to the performance of the business Essay Identify aspects of the business training and development programme and explain its importance to the performance of the business? What is training? Training is the acquisition of a body of knowledge and skills, which can be applied to a particular job. Training includes all forms of planned learning experiences and activities designed to make positive changes to performance in a job. The benefits of training There are number of major benefits that flow from training: It increases productivity of workers within a business. It helps achieve the businesses objectivities by having more knowledge within the business. Improved efficiency results from saving from material costs due to reduced wastage, improved delivery performance, improved delivery performance, reliability and range of products or services to customers. At Haydon this means less wasted teaching time lessons starting on time lessons planned and run efficiently. Creates a more flexible work force. At Haydon this could help when a teacher is off sick and another teacher has the ability to teach another subject for example an Ict teacher who can also teach economics. If effective should improve the competitiveness of an organisation. As well as improving its productivity and service to customers. At Haydon this means improved student grades. Retaining staff, surveys have shown that training costs less in the long run than recruiting full trained workers from outside the organisation. Recruited, fully trained employees tend to leave much sooner than employees the organisation has trained itself. Haydon should try to train staff already at the school to do jobs rather than hire some one from outside. Improves image of a business. As it will be able to keep staff and have well trained staff where parents will want their children to go to school.l Training adds to competitiveness In a knowledge economy training development take on a greater importance than ever before. The company that trains and develops its staff is best placed to have better educated students and therefore gain competitive advantage. What is development? Development approaches the individual and his or her motivation from a different angle from that of training. While training is typically concerned with enabling the employee to contribute to meeting the objectives of Haydon better, personal development is more concerned with enabling individuals to develop themselves in the way that best suits individual needs. The two will come together. By helping individuals to develop themselves, they will be more inclined and better able to contribute to helping Haydon meet its objectives. Why adopt training and development? Haydon other organisations organise training and development programmes for many reasons. Training and development programmes may be introduced to: Motivate employees and increase job satisfaction, thereby reducing absentees and student leaning Establish the most effective and efficient working methods in order to maximise the education of students and remain competitive The resources needed for Haydon training can generate significant costs. It is important that training needs are correctly identified and the required standard of skill is established. The training programme needs to be administered efficiently and evaluated, so the results achieved by the Haydon teachers that have received training should be compared with the standard of performance it was hoped to achieve How does a business know if training is needed? The business could ask the employees to see if they need or want any training. When filling a vacancy they could use the job description to find skills and knowledge required for the job. Also look at the performance of the school e.g. exam results Induction training Induction is the process of introducing new employees to their place of works new surroundings and the people they will be working with. Induction also provides information to help new employees start work and generally fit in. This induction programme enables Haydon to introduce new employees to the business and tell them about the many achievements and procedures it has produced over the years. The induction programme is supposed to make the new employee feel more aware of the different functions of the business as a whole, so they can know what the business is about instead of the specific job he/she has to take on in the future. The induction usually contains information about the organisations policies and objectives, future career opportunities Pay, training and fringe benefits Health and safety, the requirements of the job. Good induction programmes can successfully balance the amount of information that needs to be conveyed with the length of time, so employees can maintain t heir concentration. In house training courses This is where employers run courses inside their own organisation the courses might be held in an office or in a smart training centre owned by the business. The main benefits of in house training are: They are cheap to run Course content is made to suit the business Examples can be related to the business work Everyone knows each other. External Training courses These are more expensive because they include fairly luxurious accommodation in lavish surroundings and the guest speakers are highly paid. This means employers have to think very seriously about the value of the courses to the business. Mentoring Mentoring involves a trainee being paired with a more experienced employee. The trainee carries out the job but uses the mentor to discuss problems that may occur and how best to solve them. Often trainee teachers work with a mentor who is responsible for their early training and development. The student teacher will watch the mentor teach before starting his/her own teaching. The mentor will then give an ongoing guidance to the student teacher on how best to improve his/her performance and the trainee will take any problems and difficulties he/she is facing to the mentor to seek advice. Coaching This is rather similar to mentoring but the difference is that the coaching involves helping the young employee to acquire high quality skills in a number of specific management areas. These skills include communication with staff, budgeting, how to appraise and how to carry out disciplinary procedures. Vocational Courses These provide training in job related skills for example office skills: the QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) took over the role of the NCVQ (National council for Vocational Qualifications, set standards for workplace competences which can be assessed both in the workplace and at college by examining bodies such as Edexcel, OCR and AQA. Job Rotation Is giving staff a range of jobs in rotation, which widened their experiences and increases their skills Job enlargement Is where staff is given extra tasks to do this gives management a better idea of the employees true capacity and ability. Job enrichment Adding more interesting and difficult tasks to the job to motivate and tro see how capable they are. Types of training at Haydon Induction Training The induction training takes place in July, which can be up to 3 weeks long this will include Assessment Reports Behaviour management Child protection Special needs Being a form tutor Administration Health and safety Contracts Classes Syllabus Courses Training days All employees have to attend this as it is where school issues are disused and they are trained on things like equal opportunities within the school. The 1996 Educational Act legally requires these training days. Specialised Courses Some courses which Haydon have done are: Use of fire extinguishers: a specialised trainer came in to school to train the staff how to use them. Man handling courses: is for staff looking after disabled students so they no how to look after the student and what they are and arent allowed to do. Web design: this needed to be taught because of the new syllabus this was run by miss Boorman. Mentoring Every newly qualified teacher has a mentor at Haydon within the same subject the mentor has to do weekly meetings to review progress, observe their teaching skills and give feed back, and need to be their for support and motivation. On the Job training This is when a trainee at Haydon will work along side a qualified employer and observe teachers to gain experience. This means the trainee acquires their training st the school. This is known as job shadowing. External Training Haydons staff have gone on courses such as first aid which are done out side the business. Haydon also have to do external training for changes in the syllabus for example how to mark the coursework. I have shown why Haydon should train its employees and how it can be identified. Ive shown different types of training used how Haydon benefits from it and how the employees benefit from it.

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Oklahoma City Bombing :: essays research papers

Do you remember the conflict that America had in the Persian Gulf a few years back? An incident occurred there where a man drove a truck loaded with explosives into the building where more than 100 Marines were stationed. He blew up the building, along with the Marines. The incident was published by the AP Press soon after. Now do you remember the bombing just four years ago, in Oklahoma City? Suspects Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols drove a Ryder Van loaded with 4,800 pounds of fertilizer and fuel oil to the front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, where it subsequently exploded, killing 169 people and injuring some 500 others. Of course you do. While both were massive acts of violence involving American citizens, the impact of such acts is always felt the most when it happens right here at home.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   These days, America is filled with those people who disagree with our system of government. Most times, these people suffer silently, expressing their opinions through their votes, or within the discussions that they hold in their own private homes. When these people act upon this anger, and their disagreement, the feelings are brought beyond the point of normal behavior to vigilantism and violence. This animosity, when pushed to these limits, often results in tragedy, a tragedy that we call domestic terrorism.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Being the oldest daughter of a Senior ATF Agent, I have been exposed to domestic terrorism all of my life. My father has investigated thousands of bombings, fires, and explosions for more than twenty years now. Many of these incidents were examples of the terrorism that I speak about. His experiences have taught me countless lessons and informed me of many current events. The information that I have obtained from him is far more valuable than anything that the media could ever possibly convey. Though he is always strictly guarded with the confidences of his profession, he has always provided me with a firsthand knowledge of the impact that domestic terrorism has on the citizens and law enforcement. Through him, I learn the facts of these incidents without the media’s exaggerations. Today I will share with you some of these facts. I will talk to you about the impact that domestic terrorism has on our citizens. These impacts include: the monetary damages that terrorism inflicts, along with the injuries to the victims, the shocking repercussions that are embedded into the minds and souls of the people who come to sort through the rubble to find the survivors and the remaining evidence.

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Current Market Condition Analysis

Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis Karon Kanadjian ECO/365 April 10, 2013 Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis Apple is probably one of the most recognized companies in the world when it comes the designing, development, and marketing of cutting edge technology with products that everyone wishes to own. Apple Inc. (Apple) was founded and incorporated in 1977 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack, making headlines with the release of the apple I computer.According to â€Å"Reuters Edition U. S. † (2013), â€Å" The Company's products and services include iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple TV, a portfolio of consumer and professional software applications, the iOS and OS X operating systems, iCloud, and a variety of accessory, service and support offerings† (para. 1). With two decades of predominantly manufacturing personal computers, including the Apple II, Macintosh, and Power Mac Lines, the company began facing rocky sales and low market share.With a combi nation of low sales, high pressure demands on the staff, and continued struggles regarding the company’s direction between Jobs and Sculley his CEO, Jobs surprisingly was ousted from the company in 1985. Siegel (  2011), â€Å"A power struggle erupted between Sculley and Jobs. In the spring of 1985 Apple's board sided with the CEO, removing Jobs from his command of the Macintosh group† (para. 1).He however returned with the greatest comeback in 1996 after the procurement of NeXT by Apple. Steve Jobs shortly was appointed interim CEO where he inspired a new corporate philosophy of recognizable products and simple designs. Today Apple has established itself as a leader in the consumer electronic and media sales industries and has surpassed Google and Microsoft combined in sales with $156 billion in 2012 (Edstrom & Holt, 2012) .In an extremely competitive trade, companies are trying to invent continually ways to retain their current customers and continue to have an edg e to appeal to the new growing market of customers, especially in these very tough times economically, where people face even tougher decision making choices about the phone they purchase and the type of service they select. With the transition from 3G’s to 4G’s, companies are staging a bid to their existing customers as well as the new customers promising excellent service and plenty of extras bonuses to lure them into their clutches.They recognize customer loyalty is a thing of the past with the longevity of merely two years for an average customers contract before making a switch to another provider. This accelerating trend has become a main factor in companies raising the bar in quality while dropping their prices especially for smartphones. With the rise in blogging, a potential customer can obtain reviews of cell phones and the differences of the product features. They can determine the advantage or disadvantage of a particular phone offered as a bonus with a con tract commitment.Even You Tube has search sites that allow you to watch various video reviews (â€Å"Effects Of The Emerging Competition Of Cellular Phone Companies,†Ã‚  2012). As mobile phones become a vital, and integral part of most individuals everyday living, cellular phone companies have had to continue to target the demands of this implausible market. Many telecommunication companies give cell phones as a bonus to their packages, but the unrelenting predicament they face is, which phone do they offer that will beat out the competitors, take a larger share of the market, and still manage to be profitable.With this fierce competition among the cell phone providers, some companies have turned to consolidation with other providers. Merging together has offered their talents to pool and offer top-notch phones and services. For example, Google purchased Motorolla in 2011 enabling them to compete significantly with Apple in both the software and hardware division. The same go es for Microsoft, who partnered with Nokia in producing the Windows Smartphone (â€Å"Effects Of The Emerging Competition Of Cellular Phone Companies,†Ã‚  2012).If the predictions hold true, the next few years will see more mergers allowing companies to remain in the game. One issue affecting Apple is the competiveness from other cell phone companies such as Samsung having somewhat identical features on some of their products at a lower price. Apple simply faces a vastly improving competitive threat with game changing capability. The advantage of other companies is the ability to cover a whole variety of products – phones, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and domestic goods like fridges (Shaughnessy, 013). Through the years Apple has created expensive devices that customers are willing to pay over $600 for a phone, but they need to create a market in the lower price categories of smartphones to compete with some of their competitor’s like Samsung who has created a cla mor for quality products at a relatively inexpensive price range that fulfills customer requirements and requests, and thereby potentially overlook an expensive Apple device for a Samsung product (Shaughnessy, 2013).On the contrary, Louie Partners, and a former member of TiVo’s board, says â€Å"Apple is the one company in the world that’s powerful enough to take on monopolies and force them to change. † Apple products have created their own following of customers who will wait outside their stores in the rain to get the newest product and their items demand is considered relatively elastic. Either way it is examined, it could imply Apple shows a potential for both demand elasticity and demand inelasticity (s3hrlich, 2012) (Murray, 2012).The costs to stay in the game are staggering. Apple has variable costs such as raw material costs, packaging, and labor, which are directly involved in the company’s manufacturing process of phones. The â€Å"A Tale Of A pple, The IPhone, And Overseas Manufacturing†Ã‚  (2012) website  gives an unsettling look at Apple and offers an exhaustive report by Keith Bradsher and Charles Duhigg of the New York Times. The report based upon numerous interviews with current Apple employees as well as former employees concerns the iPhone production and the practice of abroad manufacturing.It also includes excessive, oppressive, and illegal overtime hours, hazardous conditions, inappropriate, and sometimes forced labor of 16-18 year-old student â€Å"interns† on night shifts with wages so low that 64 % of workers claim their pay does not cover their basic needs (Eisenbrey, 2012). American’s are quick to criticize Apple for its facility in China employing 230,000 people, six days a work week, 12- hour shifts, and many of the workers earn $17 per day or less. More than one fourth of the employees live in dormitories considered deplorable to American standards.Through the efforts of the manufac turing plant in China, Apple can stay ahead of the game. An example given was concerning the CEO Steve Jobs in 2007, shy of a month before the new scheduled iPhone was to show up in stores. Jobs was furious with the prototype he was carrying in his pocket a few weeks prior along with his keys, as the front glass screen was majorly marred. He gave them only one solution, to use glass that was unscratchable, and he wanted it perfect in six weeks!With an assembly line overhauled in a Chinese factory and new screens arriving shortly at the manufacturing facility, before midnight a supervisor woke up 8,000 workers at their company’s dormitories and within an hour they began a 12-hour shift fitting the new glass into the devices. According to  Ã¢â‚¬Å"A Tale Of Apple, The Iphone, And Overseas Manufacturing†Ã‚  (2012),  Ã¢â‚¬  Within 96 hours, the plant was producing more than 10,000 iPhones a day a 12-hour shift fitting glass screens into beveled frames. †Ã‚  (para. 1-3). If Apple needed 3,000 people overnight, it was accomplished in the factories of China.Could you see 3,000 people in a U. S. plant being hired overnight? With cheap labor and production speed as shown, it is a big incentive for Apple. According to  Ã¢â‚¬Å"A Tale Of Apple, The IPhone, And Overseas Manufacturing†Ã‚  (2012),  Ã¢â‚¬Å"The entire supply chain is in China now,† the article quotes a former high-ranking Apple executive as saying. â€Å"You need a thousand rubber gaskets? That's the factory next door. You need a million screws? That factory is a block away. You need that screw made a little bit different? It will take three hours† (para. 1-3). The U. S. ould not compete with the speed of a company in China taking 15 days to assemble 8,700 industrial engineers to oversee employees amassing the iPhone. The average U. S. company would take as long as nine months to be ready to commence work. This depicts a vibrant picture of how companies in China wo rk versus companies in the U. S. The cost structure for the iPhone is divided as 15 dollars to manufacturing cost, $207 to major components, $89 to other costs, making a profit of $319. Apple’s profit per phone is more than 20 times the labor cost, according to Ross Eisenbrey.Apple has changed the world with its technological innovations being responsible for nearly 50,000 American jobs, but it is not enough. It needs to rebuild American manufacturing of the past where employees worked reasonable hours and a decent wage was the standard. Most of the phone components are assembled in China or Asia however, on the bright side, the glass for the iPhone manufactured in Kentucky is reviving a Corning factory. It has grown to more than $700 million a year, employing close to 1,000 Americans supporting the emerging market.As the market has continued to expand so has the glass manufacturing plants extending to Japan, and Taiwan. Most of Corning’s customers are in Taiwan, Korea , Japan and China, making it profitable to build and produce their glass factories next door to the assembly factories overseas (London,  2012). A major factor affecting cellular phones in the current market conditions are fixed cost. Some major providers are offering consumers a flat monthly rate to ensure they sign their current mobile contract, but mid-way through the contract, the carriers are silently raising the prices customers are currently paying.Of the four major networks, three have reportedly either raised their rates or discontinued their current monthly deals. The planned hike in prices help the networks counterbalance the high costs of the mobile Web, the delivering of apps, and mobile video. The demand for faster networks and upgrades are estimated to cost the industry a whopping $50 billion a year (â€Å"Cnn Money†,   2011). During 2012, Apple fell short of being the top brand for cell phones although Samsung’s sales soared (Muller, 2012). However, Apple continues to improve their products as people tend to want the latest upgraded phone to have minimal problems. Apple will increase its U. S. smartphone share and possibly increase its profit margin per phone as well with its new iPhone 4S, according to multiple industry analysts† (Palenchar, 2011, para. 1). Possessing more shares available gives Apple more room to grow and make changes to their product. The Apple app store alone has 500,000 apps while the Android store carries 45,000 (Warren, 2011). A large amount of the profit comes from the app store. The Apple app store has thousands more apps than the Android market. Developers should continue creating apps for Apple to help increase profits.Apple is a very popular cell phone. To increase their profits they should decrease their price making their supply and the demand increase for their brand. With technology so advance, maybe the next big thing for Apple is a built in mind reader in out cellular device! References Muller, R. (2012). Mobile phone sales. My broad brand. Retrieved from: http://mybroadband. co. za/news/gadgets/64760-most-popular-cellphone-brands-in-the-world. html/attachment/mobile-phone-sales Palenchar, J. (20111). Apple Seen Raising Share, Maximizing Profits With iPhone 4S. Twice. Retrieved

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The Art Of Islamic Art - 1548 Words

Islamic art is based upon the themes of unity, logic and order. It is grounded on philosophies of geometry, symbolism and a reflection of the doctrine between the physical and spiritual world. Bourgoin (1868) saw Islamic art as a similarity between geometrical schemes and crystal systems of certain minerals. He believed that Islamic art did not comprise of any ‘natural’ object, but rather it is an arrangement of ‘pure abstract forms’. Furthermore, Bourgoin understood the aesthetic of Islamic art involving stalactites, geometrical arabesque and other forms. However Prisse (1878) classified the Islamic themes of art into three types, floral, geometrical and calligraphic. The art of the arabesque has been thought to originate within the†¦show more content†¦Throughout my research, the arabesque pattern usually consists throughout two forms, the first being a ‘complete manipulation of rhythmic visual transcription’ (the geometric form) and the following consists of a ‘crystalline nature.’ (the representation of vegetal motifs) The arabesque pattern is usually portrayed as a scroll like feature with repeating leaf ornamentation and floral elements attached to a vine. This is most commonly detected as a filler or framing device within Islamic manuscript, mosque mosaic floor, window, and ceiling decorations. If you refer to example B, it depicts the use of the arabesque pattern as a method of ornamentation for the outside dome of a mosque. For the Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque, Isfahan in the 17th century, they adapted a classically used Islamic floral and vine arabesque using blue and yellow/brown tiling. This produced the effect of a gold dome when in the harsh sunlight of that landscape. This demonstrates that the arabesque is featured within a variety of trades including woodcarving, gold/silver, glass and tile mosaic, textile and carpet weaving, ceramics and manuscripts. The arabesque can be viewed as simple and repetitive or more complex and intricate depending on the aesthetic of the otherShow MoreRelatedIslamic Art1324 Words   |  6 PagesIslamic Art Islamic art is perhaps the most accessible manifestation of a complex civilization that often seems enigmatic to outsiders. Through its brilliant use of color and its superb balance between design and form, Islamic art creates an immediate visual impact. Its strong aesthetic appeal transcends distances in time and space, as well as differences in language, culture, and creed. Islamic art not only invites a closer look but also beckons the viewer to learn more. The term IslamicRead MoreIslamic Art And Hinduism Art1308 Words   |  6 PagesEvery religion in this world has their own culture and thereby their own creative forms, like art, dance, architecture, music and craft. Like the tradition varies from each religion to religion so as their Art. I chose to compare Art forms of Islamic Art and Hinduism Art, as Art have always exited me and inspired me in many ideas, and secondly arts have its own history and reasoning. Islamic Art Islamic craftsmanship contrasts, thusly, from such other terms as Buddhist, Christian or Hindu workmanshipRead MoreThe Beauties Of Islamic Art1600 Words   |  7 Pages The Beauties of Islamic Art Islamic art is beautiful in so many different ways. The delicate and discreet, yet graceful look of a woman’s Hijab. Or the pristine architecture of the mosques and how the writings and paintings tell stories of Islam and Muslim belief. Beginning with the life of the Prophet Muhammad and continuing to the present day. The origin of Islam can be traced back to 7th century Saudi Arabia. Islam is one of the youngest religions. The prophet Muhammad introduced Islam inRead MoreIslamic Art Paper766 Words   |  4 Pagesthe items on display in the Islamic Art section were very utilitarian in nature. They were well-crafted beautifully designed tools. Arabic inscription a common theme through out all of the objects. Seeing the art up close is definitely a more satisfying experience, your relation to the object in person is a better way to see the object existing in space. The Mihrab (prayer niche) struck me as being a piece that you can interact with better than the others. The art on display in the museum wereRead MoreEssay on Progression Of Islamic Art1296 Words   |  6 Pagesthree basic components of traditional Islamic art: calligraphy, geometric patterns, and floral and vegetal motifs. These three stylistic tools are beautifully rendered and masterfully integrated into complex works of art, but there is no question that artistic expression is severely limited under these categorizations. However, this limitation stems from Islamic theology and concept of art. The main reason for the limitation imposed on visual art is the Islamic theological prohibition of figural imageryRead MoreAncient Islamic Art And Architecture1735 Words   |  7 PagesQur’anic inscriptions in Islamic art and architecture are common use to honor the words of God. These features not only illustrate the direct relationship between Allah and the Muslims, but they a lso represent a set of rules that seek to unify different religious groups under Islamic caliphate and design a reminder for citizens to pass on Islamic traditions to future generations. This set of rules defines the authoritarian importance of Islamic law disapproval of iconography of any kind. The Qur’anRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On Islamic Art896 Words   |  4 PagesIslamic Art Maqsud of Kashan, carpet from the funerary mosque of Shaykh Safi al-Din, Ardabil, Iran. On page number 158 and figure number 5-15. This piece of art work is one of two special carpets woven for a funeral service of a wealthy royal Islamic individual. The main theme would have to be for honoring the dead or death. It also could be a theme based on cultural identity of the deceased. The style is of Persian influence on the Islamic artist. The form of this art work is a rectangular rug madeRead More The Qatar Islamic Arts Museum Essay1979 Words   |  8 PagesQatars Islamic Arts Museum. It is beyond questioning that I have chosen such an organization for various reasons. It is deeply related to the tourism, hospitality and leisure industry. Besides this, it is a major contributor to the current development of the cultural and entertainment sector in the state of Qatar. Furthermore, QIM is meant to bring in more tourists into Qatar. One more thing, Qatars Islamic Arts Museum is consider ed as home to the Worlds largest collection of Islamic art. To cutRead MoreAnnual Islamic Symposium On The Arts And Sciences1042 Words   |  5 PagesSiddarth Kumar H Block Mathematics News Article Annual Islamic Symposium on The Arts and Sciences Inside Dover-Sherborn Regional High School In Room 214 the Annual Islamic Symposium on The Arts and Sciences has just concluded. The symposium was one of the most important events of our time, where notable scholars and key figures met in the â€Å"House of Wisdom† in order to hold panel discussions and present displays on the advancements in the fields of Art and Science through the 15th century. MathematicsRead More The Madina Collection of Islamic Art at the LACMA Essay777 Words   |  4 PagesCollection of Islamic Art at the LACMA Introduction   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) announced recently that it had acquired â€Å"the remarkable Madina Collection of Islamic art. The collection contains works of various media dating from the late 7th through 19th centuries from the vast areas that comprise the Islamic world, from Southern Spain to Central Asia† (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2005). While the museum already had quite an extensive collection of Islamic art, this